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School Management

Meaning of School Management:

Management simply means the practical measures which we take to ensure that the system of work which we use will be of the greatest possible assistance in carrying out our aims, and of the greatest possible benefit to our children.

Management may be composed primarily of persons, of materials, of ideas, of concepts, symbols, forms, rules, principles or more often, or a combination of these.

Management may be regarded as the agency by which we achieve the desired objective.

Management deals with making systematic arrangements so that the purpose of the entire programme can be achieved. Management means an organised body or system or structure or arrangement or framework which is undertaken for ensuring unity of effort, efficiency, goodwill and proper use of resources.

Aspects of Management

Management of a school has four aspects:

Management of Material Equipment

This includes material things, i.e., furniture and equipment, etc.

Management of School Plant

This includes school building, laboratories, playground etc.

Management of Human Equipment

This implies mobilisation of all people who are involved and interested in the educational activities of the school, i.e., pupils and their parents, school staff, experts, board of management etc.

Management of Ideas and Principles

This means organisation of ideas and principles into school system, curriculum, time schedule, norms of achievement, co-curricular activities.

Objectives of School Management

School management is the embodiment of a spirit and of an ideal. School management should enable different limbs of the school organism "to function harmoniously in happy coordination blending themselves into a composite personality like the different rivulets which join together."

Objectives of School Management

From the Point of View of Society

Broadly speaking the school should be managed for the following objectives:

1. Consolidation of spiritual strength of the society.                                                                            2. Maintaining the historic continuity of the society.

3. Securing the past achievements of the society.                                                                              4. Guaranteeing the future of the society.

Objectives of School Management from the Point of View of the Pupil

A school should be managed

1. To train its faculties.                                                                                                                   2. To widen its outlook.

3. To cultivate its mind.                                                                                                                  4. To form and strength its character.                      

5. To develop and cultivate its aesthetic faculty.                                                                               6. To build up body and give health and strength.

7. To teach his duty to himself, the community and the state.