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Our Missions


The Life of a child must be safe with wisdom, values, skills and character through right schooling, so that, it grows in to aesthetically rich, intellectually aware and integrated individual capable of fulfilling its dreams and aspirations.


Aadharshila Public School is endowed with the sacred mission of preparing the small hands to act as catalysts for a better world. The small little sparks of care and concern for the whole living and non living world, we create in a child’s life today, ignites a big bonfire for positive changes in this world for generations to come. 

Motto ­

“Gyanarjanam Hi Paramotapah”

The highest Tapasya is Knowledge acquisition. The right knowledge, one has, reflects itself in one’s own actions. The real knowledge unveils the devotion to Truth. The knowledge one gains through the life education is most important for an individual.