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Education is the key to create a society, which is dynamic and productive, offering opportunity and fairness to all. It is one of the most essential indications of human development, the importance of which cannot be undermined. It unlocks the treasure that lies within all of us. In the coming times, knowledge and skills will be the keys to success. In my opinion, good teachers, using most effective methods and effective institutions with lofty practicable vision can transform this dream into reality.



"To promote Holistic Development in students through Comprehensive Education in a Continuously updated Curricular Framework through a team of Enthused Workforce and Industrious Student Stakeholders armed with a strong value system of Virtuosity, Humility, Commitment, Discipline and Excellence for the realization of their full potential(intellectual, physical, social and emotional) thus enabling them to contribute productively and effectively towards betterment of self, society and the world.



Education is not a profession rather it is a mission. We are dwelling in the 21st century and in this era merely bookish knowledge would not attain the sole purpose of education. The sole motto of education is not to inform rather to transform. It is obligatory on our part to impart quality education along with myriad co-curricular activities to enhance cognitive level of the children enabling them to face the challenge of the world.