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A Stress-free Feedback System

Tests and exams are an integral part of any education system. However, at APS, we have endeavoured to make them stress free.

The school follows a semester system where the year is divided into two terms. The first term is from April to September (usually). The second from October to March.

The tests in junior school are informal and gradually by class VI formal testing eg. unit tests are introduced. Testing is done a variety of ways and various tools and techniques used so that all students get an opportunity to perform.

  • Unit tests-Though the weekly test marks are not given any weightage in the final results, children hardly ever miss them. The syllabus for these tests is given out a week in advance so that there is ample time for preparation.
  • Terminal exams-The 1st term exams are held in the second half of September or the first week of October. The answer sheets are given back to the students after evaluation with appropriate comments and suggestions by teachers. This is followed up on parents' day. The 2nd term exams are held in March.
  • Merit cards are awarded to the students in all the subjects. The cut off mark for each subject varies and the threshold is periodically reviewed and revised as necessary.
  • Scholarships-Our broad based merit system recognizes the exceptionally good and the needy. Scholarships and Freeships are awarded during the Independence Day function in the school to students who qualify the set norms.

To facilitate management & administration, the school is divided into three units:
Nursery and Junior School - Nursery to Class V
Middle School - Class VI to VIII
Secondary and Senior Secondary - Class IX-X and XI-XII


The day begins with informal conversation and exchanging of news. The well-structured Music programme is the pride of our Vidyalaya. Children acquire the rudimentary Swar Gyan and Taal Gyan which results in a grand finale in the form of the Nursery orchestra during the annual Nursery programme.

There are scores of indoor and outdoor activities fostering Language Skills, Motor Skills, Visual & Spatial Skills, Listening Skills, Working independently, Fostering, Social Skills and Group Play / Games.

Each day the children are given lunch in the school. A nutritious menu is planned with great care. Children are encouraged to eat a variety of items and are encouraged not to waste anything.

After a short siesta, they get refreshed for a session of story telling.

PRIMARY SCHOOL-Shri H. M. Patel Bal Niketan

Housed in a separate building, the atmosphere in the primary annex is livelier, more relaxed and informal.

The important features of APS Primary School are:

  • The medium of instruction is HINDI during the first 6 years- Nursery to Class IV
  • English is taught as a compulsory subject from Class I.
  • Besides academic courses, emphasis is laid on environmental & social studies, music, art, craft and physical fitness.
  • Cultural activities, outings, and public speaking have a special focus.
  • The primary school has their own 'Kitaab ghar' - a well equipped library.


Class V is the bridge year between the Junior and the Middle School

English becomes the medium of instruction for Maths and Science while Social Studies continue to be taught in Hindi.

Sanskrit is introduced as enrichment of Hindi.

In the middle school i.e. classes VI to VIII the medium of instruction changes to English for all the subjects.

A regional language is introduced in class VI. Students have to choose one from among Gujarati, Urdu, Bengali and Tamil.

Additionally as an enrichment subject, students have to chose from among Music, Art, Wood Craft, Clay-Modeling and Sewing and pursue it for three years- Class VI-VIII.


Besides academics, a strong emphasis is placed on Work experience and Community Service with a view to making children conscious of their role in the Society and to sensitize them to the requirements of the community.

In classes IX onwards, specific skills are developed. The options available are bakery and confectionary, batik, tie and dye, nature club, survival cooking for boys, fashion designing, public speaking, judo, school organization, first aid, nursing, making aids for use in nursery classes, etc.


In classes XI and XII, the Students opt for subject-clusters appropriate to the stream of their choice - Science, Commerce or Humanities. The emphasis on General studies, Work experience and Physical fitness continues